The fund that will help Townsville people
and restore quality of life NOW.

The people of Townsville are hurting.

In early 2019, two metres of rain fell over several days across north Queensland. With persistent, widespread daily rainfall over the region, the Ross River Dam spillway gates were fully opened on the evening of Sunday 3 February as its capacity reached more than 200%, resulting in widespread, devastating flooding across Townsville.

In the aftermath of the extreme weather event, it is inevitable that insurance companies will do all they can to avoid payouts to those who are entitled to claim. Long delays can be just as devastating. Local tradespeople are scared they will be overlooked or not paid if they do help. The victims and tradespeople of north Queensland need the help of strong leadership.

Let’s fight for the little guys.

We can help Townsville’s home owners get back to normal with “Townsville’s Fighting Fund”.

Townsville’s Fighting Fund will help home owners navigate through the recovery process.

Townsville’s Fighting Fund will cover the cost of small maintenance items that need doing immediately (such as reconnecting power and replacing appliances) while victims are waiting for the wheels of insurance bureaucracy to turn.

Townsville’s Fighting Fund will restore quality of life as quickly as possible.

Townsville’s Fighting Fund will act as a local tradesman’s protection bank.

With your backing, together we can give the whole of Townsville a fair go.

Townsville’s Fighting Fund will consist of:

  • $1 million for the Townsville home owner victims; and
  • $1-2 million for the Townsville tradespeople - in alliance with FastTRACK - to keep funds in the community and local tradies on the job.

The fund that will help Townsville people NOW.

Home Owners: For the first wave believe a maximum of $5,000 to $10,000 per property for restoration of quality of life. Small jobs like get power on, clean mould, remove carpets, clean air cons, general tidy and any items that need doing while still waiting for the wheels of insurance bureaucracy to turn.

Tradespeople: It is always the local tradesmen who act first but are last to be paid. Many don’t ever get paid. The fund is to help and protect them.

The fund is NOT a free for all. It would only be used for jobs that are lodged and approved.

The fund can be replenished with insurance payouts and government assistance once they come through or it can be considered as an extra, no-strings-attached assistance package.

Together, we could release a wave of true, local tradesmen, with the emphasis on "LOCAL", to deliver genuine and practical assistance and restore quality of life to Townsville flood victims as soon as possible.

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